Electrostatic Painting Application

With an annual painting capacity of 1 million m2, our company has the capability for Electrostatic Powder and Electrostatic Wet Painting applications.

Pre-cleaning of the parts are performed with Spray system surface treatment line where nano-surface treatment chemicals are used and they are taken to painting process. The products are painted without any human contact from the moment they are hanged on conveyor line until they are removed at the end of the process, and they have high corrosion resistance.

This department also serves White Goods and Automotive industry and our own manufactured Garden Furniture are painted here.

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Metal Product Manufacturing Department

We have 10 thousand ton of iron treatment capacity in our department where we mainly manufacture Metal Garden Swings and many metal garden furniture.

Our company has the capacity to meet customer's requirements in desired quality and amounts with CNC, NC and automatic machinery we have (Pipe Bending CNCs, Welding Robot, Presses, Automatic Hole Drilling Machines, Plastings, Automatic Welding Units).

Textile Department

Our department was established in order to complement the textile parts of garden furniture and to manufacture textile products for Garden and Garden Furniture, and it has an annual fabric treatment capacity of 500 thousand meters.

In addition to our standard manufacturing, out department also meets the special demands of our customers and gives us a big flexibility in ensuring customer satisfaction.