Our products are manufactured out of 1st class DKP pipe. Technical information and certificates on pipes are attached.


- Pipe Factory Production Control Compliance 

- Quality certificates on the pipes we purchase (1)  

- TSE Certificate on the pipes we use (1)

- Quality certificates on the pipes we purchase (2)

- TSE Certificate on the pipes we use (2)  


3 types of fabrics are used: .

- Standard (Thin) Fabric (42-44 threads 60% cotton, 40% Polyester mixture)

- Panama (Thick) Fabric (56 threads 60% cotton, 40% Polyester mixture)

- Polyester (Platin) Fabric (100% Polyester 240 gr)


18D and 26D (density) grey sponge is used depending on preference of our customers. Quality specifications on the sponge are attached.

- Sponge Test Certificate


Our company procures the powder paints it uses from AKZO NOBEL.

As you know, the chain is as strong as its weakest link.

Paint application is the weakest link of Metal Garden Furniture. Even if you use the best and thickest pipe, lifetime of your furniture will equal to the lifetime of the paint. The type and brand of the paint you use is important, but more important is how ready the metal surface on which the paint will adhere is. Lifetime of the paint applied will be limited to months unless the metal surface on which the paint will adhere has adequate quality to enable the paint to hold onto the surface.

Paint application is the biggest element that brings quality of ERİNÖZ branded products forward.


Our facility, where we paint garden furniture, provides painting service for prominent brands of white appliances and automotive industry as a CERTIFIED implementer.

Preliminary cleaning of parts are conducted and they are taken under painting process with the spray system surface process line, where nano surface process chemicals are used. The products that are painted without touch of human hand from first hanging of the part on the conveyor part until it is put down at the end of the process ensure high corrosion resistance.

The major property that should be taken into consideration in the paint used is POLYSTER structure and UV resistance of it.

LEAD is still used in most of the powder paints produced in the sector. These types of paints are both harmful to human health and have negative effects on the environment. Lead-reinforced power paint is not used by any means on ERİNÖZ branded garden furniture. You can see this in RoHS and REACH Criteria compliance certificates for which documents are provided below.

Tests and certificates on the paints

- RoHS Declaration

- REACH Declaration

- Paint Quality Certificate-1

- Paint Quality Certificate-2

- Paint Information Form - 1

- Corrosion and Mechanic Test Certificate