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Swing Sets with reclinable long back and footrest for three person (200 cm)


Product Overview

  • Product Description

    The product is reclinable Swing and You can have more enjoyable time by breaking your touch to the ground and swinging your feet thanks to its mobile stepping slide that is connected to special slides mounted under the seat.


    The long back provides a more comfortable seating.

    And when you press on both of the reclining mechanisms located at the sides of the product, the back part of the product goes in couchant position. Also, feet resting apparatus opens up when you push the slides located at the bottom of the seat to forward position with your feet. You will be able to get a more comfortable swinging experience with this feature.

  • Capacity

    The product is for three person

    Maximum recommended carrying weight is 360.


  • Fabric and Sponge Specification


    3 types of fabric alternatives are available in our product. The prices vary depending on selected fabric type. These are;


    - Standard Fabric / Thin (60% cotton, 40% Polyester)

    - Panama Fabric / Thick (60% cotton, 40% Polyester)

    - Polyester Fabric (100% Polyester)


      Sponge characteristic used in the product

    A grey sponge with a density of 18D is used. The height of this sponge, which is used in back and seat area, is 10 cm.

  • Technical Data

    Main Support Pipe Thickness * : Ø42 x 1,2 / Ø51 x 1,2 / Ø60 x 1,2 / Ø70 x 1,5

    Carrier Wing Thickness               : Ø42 x 1,5 mm

    Foot Options                                    :  "N" Form Foot / This product is only manufactured with "N" Form Foot.

    Backrest                                            : It is manufactured with Ø32 x 1,2 Pipe, and reinforced with steel mat.

    Seat                                                     : It is manufactured with Ø32 x 1,2 Pipe and reinforced with with profile supported steel mat.

    Seating area                                    : 50 cm x 160 cm'dir.

    Bearing                                              : There is a bearing system that prevents pipes from tearing and reduces noise.

    Spring                                                : 7 mm steel spring is used.

    Sun shade                                        : Locked / Adjustable

    Type of Paint                                   : It is painted with electrostatic polyester powder paint.

    Guarantee Period                          : 2 years

    Additional Notes                            : * The main carries is the swing upper pipe and its mounts. Mount interconnection is not included.

  • Package Specification

    Product Weight : 50-60 kg

    Volume                 : 0,34 m3

    Desi                        : 113


                                                     L                   W                    h       

    Package Dimension :   202 cm         67 cm           25 cm

  • Pipe Thickness
  • Foot Type
  • Color Options

Our product is manufactured with the pipes whose dimensions are shown above. Product codes are formed as follows depending on the manufactured pipe thickness.


YN20060 is manufactured with pipe Ø60

YN20070 is manufactured with pipe Ø70

Our relevant product is only manufactured with shown mount structure.

It is demounted and consists of 2 parts.

Our standard colors

When requested, it can be manufactured with special colors in RAL Catalog.