From Past... To Today...

Our company was founded by the entrepreneur Metin ERINOZ on 1986 at Manisa Kenan Evren Industrial Estate. The company started its services with manual electrostatic powder coating application and ironsmith in an area of 60 m2, and due to the "high quality production" and "customer satisfaction" principles it adopted from its early years, it grew with each passing year and left 31 years of service behind.

Our company established a new facility at Muradiye Organized Industrial Site on 2008 at an area of 7.000 m2 and once again ensured its growth by renewing its production technologies as well. Concerning the swing production, our company made use of the economical crisis that affected the World and our country on 2009, increased its domestic and foreign sales volumes and became the leader in the market. Our company advanced its investments and growth in a controlled and fast manner; it bought a land of 11.000 m2 adjacent to its current plant area in 2012, and made an additional construction of 6.000 m2 on 2013, therefore increasing its total production area to 11.000 m2 of indoor space constructed in an area of 18.000 m2

Our company also has a significant experience when it comes to electrostatic powder and wet painting applications; we paint products by giving long-term corrosion resistance guarantee to many projects in domestics and abroad. Mainly White Goods and automotive sector, as well as Heavy industry and general industry products are manufactured and painted at our company.

Our company is also the largest manufacturer of our country when it comes to Metal Outdoor Furniture. Our products reach the customers thanks to more than 300 retailers, national market chains and internet sale websites.

Our objective is to become a big player in international market by using the experience and power we obtain in domestic market. Our partnership company opened up offices in Germany, Canada and USA in order to realize this objective.

Thanks to projects we have carried out until today, we have managed to improve our knowledge and experiences, monitor the technology and developments that concern our sector with our qualified human resources, made investments in order to obtain new manufacturing tools, added leading companies in their respective sectors to our customer portfolio, grabbed larger market possibilities, and increased customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Our principles;

- Solution Partnership; supporting our customers with the principle "your work is our work",

- Trust and quality; ensuring sustainability as a brand that keeps its promises, carries out its responsibilities to the letter and provides quality,

- Social values; to become a brand that provides services in most efficient way by combining the experience we have with the technology while respecting the nature and humanity,

- Value Contribution; to create a partnership where all parties will be profitable and satisfied,

Our Plant

Our Production Lines

Our Electrostatic powder and wet paint application has a manufacturing area of 2.000 m2. With conveyor system paint and spraying surface treatment line that we have, we have the capacity to paint 1 million m2 annually.

Our Metallic Goods Manufacturing department has a production area of 4.000 m2. It provides service with CNC controlled machinery and robots that has DKP, Aluminum, Stainless, Galvanized pipe / profile treatment, bending and welding capabilities.

Our Textile Product Manufacturing department has a multi-storied 1.000 m2 area. Our department has an annual capacity of processing 500 thousand meters of fabric thanks to it machinery.

Sanding and Polishing Department has an area of 100 m2. Sanding and polishing supports our other treatments; and carries out the mechanical surface treatments of many metal and non-metal products.

Grouping Department has an area of 500 m2. Supporting the paint shop department, the Grouping Department provides grouping service to White Goods and Automotive industry.

Product Storage can be made in a closed area of 3.000 m2. The sufficient physical space we have goes a long way in increasing the satisfaction of customers by protecting their goods.